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What are the Strata Costs for these homes?

The Highlands of East Hill is a freehold, strata free community. Every home in the Highlands Community is detached. Zoning allows for Zero Lot Lines, which means we are able to build to the property line without a setback between homes.  Examples of this can be seen on homes with no side yards or single side yards.

What are the costs of Homes and Lots?

All the prices listed on the website are set for the Standard home with Slab on Grade construction including the cost of the Lot. 

Where can I find pricing?

 To find pricing on available lots select any of the Green lots found on the Available Lots Page or follow this link http://www.highlandsvernon.com/phases/phase-3/. By selecting the green available lots you are able to see a list of models tailored to the layout and geography of the Lot and the specific pricing for that home and Lot.


How do I reserve a Lot and what is the Deposit requirements?

A $5000.00 deposit is placed in Trust to reserve the Lot. Purchasers will have 7 days to review the Sales Contract and Disclosure with the ability to cancel without penalty.  Following the 7 days, a design meeting with our Manager of Client Experience is then scheduled to take place within 90 days of the sales agreement and following the selection of interior and exterior options from the Standard and Upgrade List a  2nd deposit of $10,000 to be placed in trust. 60 Days prior to construction of your home, the final deposit will be required and will raise the total deposit to 10% of your Home and Lot price including options and upgrades but prior to GST. 

What other costs can I expect?

In addition to the purchase price, some additional costs to anticipate include:

Mortgage Insurance: If your down payment is lower than 20% of the property’s value, you will have to get insurance from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC). It can cost up to 5%, depending on the amount of your down payment.

Property Insurance: Your mortgage lender requires your home to be insured, so price out homeowners insurance.

Legal Fees: All legal fees and disbursements must be paid upon closing and cost at least $500.

Property Tax: You may have to pay a property transfer tax, along with regular property tax payments once you take possession of your home. These rates are determined by the City of Vernon but can be estimated on their website:


Do I need to pay Property Transfer Tax?

The Newly Built Home Exemption reduces or eliminates the amount of property transfer tax you pay when you purchase a newly built home. Read more at:


Is there a GST credit?

If your new home is valued under $450,000.00 and you intend on having it as a primary residence, then you may be eligible for a rebate up to 36% of the 5% GST. The full G.S.T. New Housing Rebate is available for new homes priced up to $350,000. There is no G.S.T. New Housing Rebate on homes valued at over $450,000.00 and therefore the full 5% will be paid upon completion.

Home Design

Can I choose the model of the home on my preferred lot?

Most lots have a minimum of three homes types that have been selected to best fit the layout and geography of the Lot. You can view these model types by selecting the Green Lots on our available lot page. 


What are the sizes of the Lots?

All lots vary in size depending on location and geography. Please contact a Community specialist at [email protected] or call 778-807-9699 to speak with someone immediately for specific lot sizes.

Can you change the interior finishing?

We have a number of interior options and upgrades to customize one of our 10 models to fit your unique styles and needs. After the purchase of your new home, a Design Meeting will be scheduled with one of our Community Specialists to review all interior and exterior options. Follow this link http://www.highlandsvernon.com/interior/ to visit our interior finishing page to see our 2 interior colour schemes as well as several of our standard interior finishes including quartz kitchen countertops and stainless-steel appliances.  

Can I change the colour of the exterior?

Yes, we have 6 standard colours of concrete composite siding that can then be mixed and matched to make a unique exterior to match your tastes and preferences. With several additional textures and feature options for the exterior of your new home, no two homes in the community will look alike. Follow is link http://www.highlandsvernon.com/exterior/   to visit our exterior finishing page.

Can I build my own home on a Lot?

There are a few select Lots that would be available to Custom Home Builders.  All designs would need to meet or exceed the Architectural controls as outlined in the Zoning CD-6 and be subject to approval by Stoni Consolidated Holdings.  Please email Contact us at [email protected] or call 778-807-9699 to speak with one of our Community Specialists for more information.


What are the rules for Pets?

There are no community rules for pet ownership in the Highlands as it is a Strata-free community. This means that only the City of Vernon Bylaws apply. You can learn more on the City website:


What are the rules on fencing?

Fencing and landscape restrictions are controled by the City of Vernon Bylaws and include:

Front yard fencing cannot exceed 1m

All back and side yard fencing cannot exceed 1.5m

All fencing along 43rd cannot exceed 1.2m 

Learn more on the city of Vernon website:



What restrictions does the community have?

As there is no Strata in the Highlands Community only City of Vernon bylaws are effective. Learn more about these regulations on the City of Vernon website by clicking on the link below:  


Where is your show home located?

We are expecting to break ground this March with the grand opening this Summer 2019. We are happy to schedule a meeting with you at the Highlands Site or at our home office in Lake Country to review examples of our interior and exterior finishes, as well as a virtual tour of our Mendoza floor plan. 

What warranty is included with the homes?

What warranty is included with the homes?

All homes will be covered by British Columbia New Home Warranty. This includes the following:

12 months’ coverage for defects in material and labour for your home

24 months' coverage for defects in material and labour for major systems (heating, electrical, plumbing, etc.)

5 years’ coverage on the building envelope, including coverage on unintended water penetration

10 years’ coverage on major structural items

You can find more information about British Columbia New Home Warranty at:


In addition to the standard New Home Warranty, your Client Concierge remains your direct point of contact to address any deficiencies or covered warranty items to ensure you our client enjoys your new home.

When can we move in?

Construction of new homes will be paced at 3 home starts per month.  Phases 1 and 2 will be completed with full occupancy by May of 2020.  Phase 3 will have full occupancy by Fall 2020 and Phase 4 will have full occupancy by winter 2021.  Please inquire directly for any early move in opportunities or Lot Resales. Lots in phase 4 will be entering construction in 2020 with occupancies in early 2021. We still have a few lots left in phase 2 & 3 set to enter construction in 2019 with move-in dates in early 2020. 

How do I make an appointment?

Contact us at [email protected] or call 778-807-9699 to speak with a Community Specialist now.

When is the next phase coming?

We are very excited to be launching Phase 4 of the Highlands Saturday, January 26th. Phase 4 includes lots 127 to 139 placed along the Active Lane Way. This new design on an old concept is a fully landscaped back lane maintained by the city with no strata fees. We are currently continuing to take reservations with just 7 Lots remaining.

Can I reserve a lot looking at the Lake?

We are currently sold out all our Lake view lots in our first phases. We will be opening reservations for the remaining lots in 2021. There are only a few Lots remaining located along Mutrie road with incredible views of the RDNO Dog Park, BX Ranch range and Silver Star Hills available for purchase. Contact us at [email protected] or call 778-807-9699 to speak with one of our Community Specialists for more information.

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