Through our history and growth, we have also been raising our families. Children have a funny way of reminding us that the conventional thinking of yesterday is not always the best thinking for tomorrow. What we thought was a good idea can and should be challenged to make it a great idea. Children humble our thinking, challenging us to be better at everything we do, and inspire us to find solutions and be creative.

From our modest beginnings, we have operated our companies with 5 driving philosophies:

  1. Build only what we are proud of.
  2. Build only homes and products that would want to live in and use.
  3. Create demand through value.
  4. Value must be exciting and creative.
  5. We, our companies, and ideas must make a positive difference.

For the past 30 plus years, the Stoni family of companies has been living these cornerstone philosophies introducing and developing sensible and sustainable projects. We have worked to build a future for our children with the hopes of introducing technologies and products that enhance our lives while always doing so with a bit of creative thinking and social responsibility.

Through the years we have focused our efforts on:

1. Renewable Energy

Through our companies we have developed or built enough green energy power plants, that if combined would provide the enough electricity for all the homes in the Okanagan Valley.

These power plants operate with zero emission’s being fuelled by non-physical waste energy, solar and the wind.

2. Green Technologies

We have developed technology that will recover phosphorus and nitrogen from sludge and waste water sewage plants; and have worked with many of the largest municipalities in North America to monitor and reduce their environmental impact.

We were the first company to develop wireless communication protocol for specialized environmental monitoring, allowing us to make commercially viable technology for “public notification” to warn for environmental spills as mandated by the USA - E.P.A. We were also the first company to invent a gas fireplace that operated at the efficiency of a furnace – 30 years later all gas fireplaces now meet this standard.

3. Construction & Property Development

From the beginning we have focused on building homes and communities that we want to live in. Literally.

Over the years we have expanded into building mixed use, residential, retail and industrial properties and today we shop and work in our own developments.

we are continuing to enhance developments by finding the balance between beauty, value and community. We consistently  utilize our knowledge and experience to make the best use of land and space ensuring that we strive to be the best in our effort to comingle our responsibility to our community, stakeholders and partners. 

As we move into the future we look to continue to seek the balance between opportunities that provide technologies that enhance our projects while allowing us to seek a balance between the many needs of our homeowners, tenants and stakeholders…a challenge that we look continue to embrace.

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