August 30, 2019


Dear Pre-Sale Owners and East Hill Community,

It has been 30 days from when the City of Vernon canceled its meeting with us which triggered the termination of the Highlands project as we know it.

Behind the scenes, we have sent letters to each member of the City of Vernon Council requesting a subcommittee be created to work directly with us in an effort to move forward with the Highlands of East Hill.  Unfortunately, that request has not been accepted nor responded to.  As of this date, there has been no communication directly from the City and the updates we receive are via the media. As a result, we have redeployed on-site resources to other projects and removed our signage.  

The falling apart of this project has been of tremendous disappoint to us and is a result of our Company reacting to the situation and issues create by the City.  We have no clear answers as it seems the city is trying to spin their story and communicate with us through the media.  Regardless of our limited knowledge, and as this will most likely be our final communication with you, that as a recap you understand the status of the Highlands of East Hill:

  • Seven of the Eight Development Permits required to meet the Contractual obligations of the Contract are conditionally approved.  None are issued. Construction can not start until these permits are issued unconditionally.
  • The City of Vernon Planning Staff were ordered to stop work on this file in May, thus the remaining items to start construction could not be addressed or resolved.
  • Approximately 5 days before our commitment to close on the purchase of the land, the City advised us in writing that any of the commitments that they have made can no longer be relied upon and are not legally binding. This single piece of new information had the impact of nullifying the project.

It is with disappointment that the City of Vernon shows no sign of supporting nor advancing this community.

As it is unlikely that there will be any significant change to the status of this project, this will be our final direct communication, however, should we be able to answer any of your questions please do not hesitate to contact our team at [email protected]



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